Shipping methods and timing

Gilbox Sagl undertakes to ship the available at the moment of the order items within a maximum of 3 working days from the order acceptance. Delivery is made by the express courier service with timing around 24/48 hours. The delivery can be tracked on the courier's website; two delivery attempts will be made and, in case of both times absence, it will be possible to request a new redelivery at the same address or to vary the destination. Following the two failed attempts, there will be charged the carrier's warehouse storage and related redelivery costs.

In case of several deliveries, the fixed contribution and cash on delivery right are paid only once with the first shipment of the goods, even if the temporary lack of some item makes it necessary to send more packages.

Gilbox Sagl does not deliver to:
- minors without written authorization from one of their parents or guardians;
- persons subject to protection without written consent of the guardian.

Orders for PURCHASE VOUCHER, GIFT CARDS or other electronic services will be processed at the time of acceptance, or at the completed payment process.


For orders for total amounts less than CHF 79.00 there will be required a fixed contribution of CHF 5.00 for shipping costs. For orders of a higher amount the shipment will be made free of charge.

Farther, in the case of cash on delivery, an additional contribution of CHF 15.00 will be required - up to a purchase of CHF 500.00. These charges will be charged once per order, without considering the number of packages shipped. The cash on delivery service can be used for orders below CHF 1,000.00.


Shipping costs for returning or replacing goods are on the Customer’s charge and will be withheld from any refund or will be requested via PayPal/Postal Order. We have provided easy-to-use pre-printed labels with the following range:

-         Parcels up to 2 kg      CHF 7.00

-         Parcels up to 5 kg      CHF 9.00

-         Parcels up to 10 kg    CHF 10.00